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John Winn's Galaxy Globe. Copyright 2005 - 2009 Pathway International All Rights Reserved. Extreme Adrenaline Rush!
Place two daredevil motorcycle stunt riders on modified Honda dirt bikes inside a giant 5000 pound iron globe, and what do you get?  The ultimate heart pounding adrenaline rush thrill show called Galaxy GlobeTrade Mark, exclusively presented by the world's famous Winn's Galaxy of ThrillsTrade Mark.  Using music, lights, and a mic'd host to guide audiences through the show, riders use Honda trail bikes to perform precision stunts and heart-stopping maneuvers.

For the protection of the audience, the show begins once the motorcycle riders are securely locked inside the Galaxy Globe'sTrade Mark steel frame structure.  There's no escaping; the motorcycle engines roar as the stunt riders begin racing around inside the giant Galaxy GlobeTrade Mark at perilously high speeds which put them on collision courses with each other, avoiding disaster by just inches.

Crowds gasp and cheer with excitement as the riders perform daring stunt maneuvers with incredible precision, accuracy, and skill. With G-forces pulling on the riders' bodies, the brave daredevil riders risk total blackout as they travel every inch within the giant Galaxy GlobeTrade Mark, creating choreographed patterns, riding sideways on the wall of the Galaxy GlobeTrade Mark, and even performing complete gravity-defying loops while completely upside down at the top of the globe.

Galaxy GlobeTrade Mark is a fun filled family friendly show for all ages that is guaranteed to thrill!

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